Fuel Leak - Diesel

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If the fluid leaking is purely diesel fuel, then you need to locate where the leak in the fuel system begins.

  1. Turn off the fuel at the petcock and wipe everything down to remove old fuel residue and let air circulate, eventually, any leftover fuel and fumes will have evaporated.
  2. Once dry, turn on the Fuel Tap Petcock until you can see the area that is leaking.

Possible leakage points:

  1. Fuel lines have degraded
  2. Petcock seal has degraded
  3. The Injector Pump is stuck open
  4. Metal Injector Pipe has split (sits between the Injector Pump and the Injector Nozzle at the top of the Engine)
  5. The Injector Nozzle / Seal has broken (you can reach this if you follow the Injector Pipe)


Once fixed, be sure to remove all fuel residue before starting your Small Engine. This is a fire hazard!

Super-Silent Equipment

Removing the canopy on these is very tricky and a lot of work, see if you can repair the leak before having to removing the canopy. You will only need to take the casing off if you need to replace the injector pipe or the nozzle.

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Did you find the leak?

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Yes, thanks. Help me find my replacement parts.

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No, I need more help please.

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I fixed the leak, but now it won’t start.

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I fixed it!