Engine will not run or it stops after a short time

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Firstly, the information on this page will only help if you have established that you have a regular and strong spark. Check this first before going through these tips.

There can be a few reasons why your 2-Stroke Generator will not start. Here are the things you can check in the field:

1)     If the engine will not start, remove the Spark Plug and check it is clean and that it is getting wet with fuel. If the spark plug is getting wet, let the generator sit for a few minutes to disperse the fuel (i.e. make sure it is not flooded). See spark plug and ignition coil testing here.

2)     If it is dry, you either have an issue with the Carburetor set up, gunk in the bottom of the Carburetor Bowl or the Fuel Tank had rusty or dirty fuel.

3)     Remove the Carburetor Bowl. Clean out any gunk and check the Float Needle. We have a video to show you how:


4)    Check the condition of the fuel. Check that the fuel tank does not have any rust as this will enter the head and cause damage. With the Fuel Valve Petcock turned off, remove the fuel line from the carburetor and put the end of the fuel line into a glass. Turn the Fuel Valve Petcock on and inspect the fuel to check it’s clear. Replace rusted Fuel Tanks as soon as possible, as the contaminants will damage your engine. If there is water in the fuel, replace the fuel immediately.

5)     If the generator will not start, there is a spark and the Spark Plug is wet after the engine is turned over, please open a support ticket for tailored step-by-step instructions for your Generator.

6)     The Reed Valves work as a one-way valve for the fuel. Check that the reeds are not broken or cracked and check that they are neither stuck open nor stuck in the closed position.

7)     Be sure you have mixed the fuel with 2-stroke oil (at 50:1 for most 2-stroke generator engines.) All 2-stroke engines need this mixture as they do not have an oil reservoir to lubricate their parts.

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