Inverter Generator Advice

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If you have no power or spark you need to determine what part of the system has failed.
The “Ignition Controller CDI” provides fault warnings via the 3 lights on the control panel, and will determine if ignition should take place and if the inverter is functioning correctly. When you try to start the generator, by pulling the recoil, take note of which of the lights illuminates. Below are the indications given:
Low Oil Warning light comes on

Check the oil level. Fill to top if needed. If correct level but still will not start, disconnect the oil sensor (this can usually be found protruding from the base of the engine and has a 2 pin connector tab to disconnect) and start the engine. If this does not solve the problem then you need to replace your “Ignition Controller CDI”.

Overload Warning light on

This is most commonly the “Inverter” at fault, however, you should check your output with a small light (or other low cost device), if you get any electricity output, then your inverter is working correctly but you will need to replace your “Ignition Controller CDI”.

Output indicator light on

Indicates that the “Ignition Controller CDI” and “Inverter” are working correctly and the fault is elsewhere in the ignition system. You need to check your Ignition Coil and Spark Plug.

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Yes thanks! Now help me find the parts I need.

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No. I tried these and my engine still won’t start.