Gasoline/Petrol Small Engine needs Choke On to Run

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If you need to have your Choke fully or partially “On” or “Closed” to make your engine run, even after warming up the engine, then you need to perform the following steps:

1) Be sure the Air Filter is clean and in good condition. Dirt and Particles from the filter can get into your engine and carb and cause damage. Replace if necessary.

2) Check your Fuel Tank for Rusting or Contamination. To locate the cause and to prevent future clogs, be sure to also drain and inspect Fuel Tank for rusting and replace if necessary. Dirty Red or Brown fuel is an indication of a rusty tank, and this contamination will eventually seize your engine! Never run your Small Engine on dirty fuel or a rusty tank.

3) Clean and rebuild your carb.  Particles from the Fuel Tank, or that the Air Filter have allowed through, has clogged your jets and you will need to clean them out. You might need a Carb Repair Kit if you are unable to clean the jets, or there is damage to the Float, or Float Needle. Inspect parts carefully when cleaning. When you rebuild your carb be sure the Brass Air Screw with the Spring behind it, is set to 1.5 turns from fully tight. 

4) If the engine will still not run correctly, please replace the Carb. The ports and passages are degraded. Be sure to have carried out step 1 and 2 before fitting a new carb, or the new carb will also stop working, and will void any manufacturer warranty.

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