Carburetor is Leaking

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If you find a leak from the carb, this often happens when the Carb Float Needle gets stuck. Normally, this is easy to fix.

If you watch this video it will show you how to free up the Float Needle. This procedure works the same on most Carbs.

If it still leaks, then you need to clean the carb and check the Float and Float Needle tip for wear and replace if necessary. Sometimes there is rubber on the end of the Float Needle which has disintegrated, allowing fuel to flow when it shouldn’t.

The fuel system is gravity fed, so if the problem isn’t fixed the whole fuel tank could empty onto the floor.

Most Generators have Carb Repair Kits or Float Needles available separately from the Carbs, which is a less expensive option than replacing the whole assembly. 

The Float Needle is included in all the Carb Repair Kits Generator Guru sell.

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