2-Stroke - Spark Plug Dry/Fuel System Problem

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If the spark plug is dry or there is a lack of fuel getting to the head: 

  1. Check fuel is getting to Carburetor. Fuel should be clear and fresh. If there are any particles in the fuel investigate where they have come from. Check the Filters, the Fuel Tank (metal tanks rust), fuel storage containers, etc. Particles will block Carburetor Jets resulting in the engine not running. If they pass the Carburetor they could damage the inner workings of the engine.
  2. If your unit has a Pump, check this is working correctly.
  3. Remove your Carburetor and clean, replace and try starting the generator. 
  4. Rebuild it with a Carburetor Repair Kit (if available for your model). 
  5. If this does not fix the problem you will need to replace the Carburetor. The high Ethanol content in fuel these days can eat away the carb housing and turn into a “varnish” which coats and blocks the internal fuel system.

If you had removed the Carburetor or adjusted the settings on the Carburetor then there are a few more things you need to check.

A) Be sure the Air mixture screw is set correctly. The Air Mixture Screw is the brass screw with a spring behind it on the side of the Carburetor (On the vast majority of modern units, it is usually set to “1.5 turns from tight”).

B) Check the Carburetor Gaskets are not pinching or split. This will also affect the Air/Fuel mixture. Replace if necessary. We sell these separately from the Full Gasket Kits where possible. Look up “Carb Gaskets” on our parts system to see if we do it for your engine.

We also suggest you regularly Service the Generator. This fixes most running problems as you should Service your generator as instructed in your manual. Change all the fuel filters, the Oil, and inspect the air filter closely. When an engine is not serviced, The Oil thickens, Fuel goes stale, and the foam from the Air Filters has a tendency to break up and get pulled into the head.

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Did this fix it?

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Yes, help me find parts please.

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Yes, thanks! It’s fixed.

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